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Kellogg Community Credit Union
Member security
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member security

safeguarding your information 

KCCU values your trust and respects your privacy. We know that keeping your personal information secure is an important responsibility you have entrusted in us and we take every precaution to ensure security in every aspect of our operations. 

Account Monitoring Tools

KCCU provides you with multiple resources to help protect you against fraud as well as tools to help you monitor your accounts such as: SavvyMoney, eAlerts, Card Controls, Kasasa Protect, and Online Banking

what to expect from KCCU


  • Call, email, or otherwise contact you to ask for your user name, password, or other online banking credentials
  • Contact you to ask for your credit card or debit card number, PIN, or 3-digit security code
  • Contact you to ask for your member number

KCCU may:

  • Verify your street address
  • Verify the first or last four digits of your social security number
  • Ask for your mother’s maiden name
  • Ask for the last four digits of your card number
  • Ask to verify the amount of your last transaction or payment
  • Ask for your code word

If you are ever uncomfortable with a call you receive and feel that someone is trying to access your personal information, please hang up and call us back using the 800 number on the back of your card.

what to do if you suspect fraud

If you notice suspicious account activity or experience security-related events, immediately contact KCCU at 269.968.9251 or 800.854.5421, or visit your local branch. We’re here to help.

right and responsibilities

The federal government has put in place rights and responsibilities for both you and the credit union. These rights and responsibilities are described in the account information disclosures you received when you opened your account with KCCU. If you have any questions about this information, please contact the credit union at 269.968.9251 or 800.854.5421.

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