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Kellogg Community Credit Union
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direct deposit

Direct deposit is the quick and easy way to electronically deposit your paycheck, pension, Social Security benefits, annuities, or any other type of regularly recurring check, into your account. You can even arrange to have your funds divided or split between your various accounts.

why use direct deposit?

  • Quick access to your money
  • Safety - no risk of lost or stolen paper checks
  • Convenience – no waiting in lines to cash or deposit your check

how to get started

Obtain a Direct Deposit form from your employer. Complete your personal information, including:

Routing & Transit Number: 272476734

KCCU Account Number:

  • Checking Account (14 digit number found at the bottom of your checks)

sample check

  • Savings Account – Member account number + selected savings suffix. Two of our standard suffix numbers are:

000  regular savings suffix
040  money market savings suffix

ex: 123456 (member account number) 000 (regular savings suffix) = 123456000
ex: 123456 (member account number) 040 (money market savings suffix) = 123456040

If you need assistance please contact a Member Service Representative at 269.968.9251

instant deposit

Would you like access to your paycheck, social security, or tax refund sooner? Well now you can with ACH Instant Deposit. Within Online Banking, when you see pending ACH deposits you now have the option to instantly move these funds into your account, so you have immediate access to your money. This feature is available from within the mobile app and the desktop version of online banking.  

how to Access

To access Instant Deposit* simply log into Online Banking, select My Accounts from the main navigation menu, then select ACH Transactions. Under the Pending Electronic Transactions header, you’ll see any pending deposits and if they qualify for Instant Deposit. To deposit your funds early click Post Now.

* There is a $5 fee per each instant deposit. The fee must be deducted from a savings or checking account and it cannot come out of the ACH deposit.