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Kellogg Community Credit Union
Kasasa Protect
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kasasa protect

Data breaches, credit card fraud, identity theft. There’s a lot to worry about, but if you have Kasasa Protect™, you don’t need to worry! Sign up for  Kasasa Protect today and enjoy access to a full range of identity theft protection services.

what's included

  • Full-Service identity restoration - get the help the instant fraud occurs
  • Dark Web monitoring - keep close tabs on your identity online
  • Lost wallet protection - cancel and replace all your important documents
  • Credit reporting - insight into your credit record with a full annual report
  • Monthly credit score & plotter - stay on top of your credit 
  • 24/7 credit monitoring - get notices about changes in your credit report

how much does it cost?

  • $7.99/ month with a Kasasa checking account from KCCU
  • $13.99/month with a non-Kasasa checking account from KCCU

how to sign up

Sign Up Now

Or, simply stop in at any of our branches or call a Member Service Representative at 269.968.9251.