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Kellogg Community Credit Union
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donation and sponsorship request

things to know...

Thank you for your request. Groups or organizations applying for donations or sponsorships must have a non-profit status to be considered and may only submit one request per year. Each year we receive a significant number of sponsorship requests and unfortunately we cannot meet all of these needs.  If you do not receive funds this year please feel free to reach out to us again in the future.

KCCU will not sponsor individuals, clubs, sports teams, political or religious activities or any organizations outside of our field of membership.


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Kellogg Community Credit Union (KCCU) is dedicated to our members and local community. KCCU proactively contributes to a range of initiatives through sponsorships. We actively support members of our community who work to improve the cultural, social, environmental, health and educational needs of West Michigan. 

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