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Kellogg Community Credit Union
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Enroll in eAlerts to receive convenient free account alerts that will help you keep track of your finances. eAlerts can be sent as a text message, email, and/or to your Online Banking message center. The following alerts are available:

  • Tell me my account balance every day
  • When my account balance is at a certain level (above or below a specified amount)
  • When an ACH deposit or withdrawal comes in
  • When a certain number of transaction post in a day
  • When a transaction totaling more than a certain dollar amount post in a day
  • When my loan payment is due

how to get started

eAlerts are quick and easy to set-up, simply log in to Online Banking, and from the desktop version of ItsMe247 go to Quick Links on the left side of your screen and click Setup eAlerts, then click "Create new eAlert". If you are using the KCCU Mobile App go to the More menu at the bottom of the screen and select eAlerts.