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Kellogg Community Credit Union
Zogo Financial
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Zogo financial

It pays to learn about finance - literally!

earn while you learn with Zogo & KCCU

With the Zogo app, you can boost your financial knowledge and earn rewards by completing financial literacy lessons. The app includes a variety of different topics from opening a bank account to saving for retirement – and everything in between! You can earn real-life rewards such as gift cards to your favorite stores, all while learning how to manage your money. It’s fun, simple, and rewarding!

how to earn rewards

  • Play through 800+ bite-sized modules
  • Earn points by completing each education module
  • Exchange points for gift cards to the nation's most popular retailers

get started today!

Download the Zogo app to your mobile device or scan the QR code below, and make sure to enter the access code “KCCU” and start learning and earning today!


QR Code for Zogo App


Zogo Classroom Financial Literacy

Kellogg Community Credit Union is partnering with Zogo Classroom to offer a web-based platform for educators that makes teaching financial literacy fun, simple, and engaging for students – and it’s free!  Visit our Zogo Classroom page to learn more.