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Kellogg Community Credit Union
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lifetime points

All members can earn VIP Lifetime Points. Lifetime points accumulate from month to month, and can be saved for up to 24 months. These points can be redeemed over time for better rates, fee waivers and more! 

To view your VIP status and Lifetime Points, simply log into your online banking account for a full overview.  

  Money Order Fee 900
  Cashier Check Fee 2250
  Call Center Transfer and Inquiry Fee 2250
  Visa Gift Card Activation Fee 2250
  Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $5 2250
  Statement Copy Fee 2250
  Debit or Credit Replacement Card Fee 7000
  State of Michigan Title Fee 7000
  Box of Basic Checks 9450
  Modify My Payment Fee 9450
  Stop Payment Fee 10750
  NSF Fee 10750
  Deposited Item Return Fee 10750
  Wire Transfer (incoming) Fee 7000
  Wire Transfer (outgoing) Fee 10750
  Courtesy Pay Fee 10750
  Medallion/Guarantee Stamp 18000
  Overnight Mail Fee 18000
  .15% APR* Auto Loan Discount 18000
  .15% APR** Certificate Bonus  18000
  Skip a Payment Fee 18000
  Wire Transfer (outgoing) International Fee 18000

redeem your points 

To redeem your points, simply stop in at any of our branches or call  269.968.9251.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Existing KCCU loans do not qualify for the rate discount. **APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Certificate bonus available on new certificates only and do not apply to any certificate specials.