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Ways to Honor Memorial Day5/20/2024

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The importance of Memorial Day can get lost in all the shopping and grilling, so take some time to acknowledge the service members who gave their lives to protect this country. Here are 15 ways to honor Memorial Day this year. 

1. Fly the American flag

Memorial Day is the perfect time to hang out the red, white and blue. Let that star-spangled banner fly! 

2. Brush up on your knowledge of American history

Learn about the major events that shaped our country and read up on why we celebrate Memorial Day each year.

3. Take a moment of silence

However you spend your Memorial Day, you can take a moment of silence at 3 p.m. for The National Moment of Remembrance.

4. Watch a patriotic movie

Watching a patriotic movie, like Black Hawk Down or The Hurt Locker, can help you feel their stories and appreciate what they do for our country.

5. Donate flowers for soldiers’ graves

Make a donation to Memorial Day Flowers, a foundation that places flowers on the graves of soldiers. 

6. Volunteer

Do something for someone else in the spirit of Memorial Day. You can help an elderly neighbor, pay it forward for someone at the coffee shop, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or find another way to spread kindness.

7. Shop at a veteran-owned business

If you plan to do any shopping or eating out this Memorial Day, you may want to make a stop into a business that is owned and/or operated by a veteran or military family. You can find a list of some veteran-owned businesses here.

8. Learn how to play a patriotic song

Dig out the guitar and dust off the piano, and then learn how to play a patriotic song in honor of Memorial Day. You can learn God Bless the U.S.A. or American Soldier. 

9. Take a virtual tour of the White House

In the digital age, you can take a tour of the White House from your living room. You’ll find a full virtual tour of the White House at Google Arts & Culture. There, you’ll learn all about the building’s architecture and about the historic events that took place in each room.

10. Create patriotic chalk art

Get out the sidewalk chalk and create some beautiful patriotic-inspired art on your driveway or the sidewalk in front of your home.

11. Write letters to soldiers and their families

Show your kids that Memorial Day is more than just a day off from school by having them write letters to active-duty soldiers and veterans.

12. Listen to veterans’ stories

Get a feel for the veterans’ stories by listening to a memoir like Band of Brothers or The Things They Cannot Say.

13. Donate to a military cause

Look up some trusted military charities and nonprofits, and then choose one that most speaks to you.

This year, KCCU donated to the Red White Blue Foundation of Calhoun County through local Biggby franchise owner, Charles Solano. On May 3rd, Mr. Solano attempted to break the Guinness World Record for The Most Chin Ups In 12 Hours, and he did it! This record was set in 2016 at 4,649. He ended up setting the new record at 5,107! In the process he also beat the 8-hour record with 3,755 chin ups, which was also set in 2016 with 3,751. All funds raised for this record-breaking attempt were donated to this foundation.

14. Put together care packages for soldiers

Operation Gratitude hosts several events over Memorial Day weekend. You can donate toys to kids who are living in combat zones, host a neighborhood fundraising event or collect toiletries for the troops.

15. Attend a Memorial Day parade

Find a local Memorial Day parade and join the festivities in the spirit of the day.

Use these ideas to celebrate Memorial Day this year. How are you going to celebrate Memorial Day this year? Tell us about it in a short video.

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