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Member Testimonials

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Kevin & Elizabeth S. 

Elizabeth and Kevin S GAP testimonial

My wife Elizabeth and I are very proud and happy members of KCCU. We purchased a used car last fall and financed it with KCCU. We went through the loan process with Taylor Pearson at KCCU and we have never been happier or had a better experience than we did with Taylor and with KCCU. While working on the loan documents Taylor had suggested purchasing the GAP and disability insurance for this loan. Our initial thought was “no thank you” as we have never in our lives purchased this insurance and have honestly been against it, however after talking it through with Taylor and seeing how little it costs to add the insurance to the loan we decided to purchase the insurance along with the loan.

Fast forward 6 months, and I was driving home one evening and had a deer run into the side of our vehicle. The damage was extensive enough that it ended up getting totaled by our auto insurance company. When we remembered that we had purchased the insurance, it actually put a smile onto our faces. The insurance paid off the loan completely, and in addition when we purchased our replacement car with a new auto loan from KCCU, the insurance paid $2,500.00 towards the purchase price of this new car. Without having the insurance in place, we would have been without a car and would have owed over two thousand dollars from the shortage that insurance paid compared to what we owed.

This whole process with KCCU was very easy and surprisingly very quick. We can’t say enough how great Taylor and KCCU have been with us and we will never do another loan from KCCU again without the GAP insurance.

- Kevin S. 

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